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Ultimate Detox has provided thousands of satisfied customers with the very best in innovative cleansing solutions and detox kits. We also provide information and advice to ensure you pass your drug test. We constantly strive to provide products whose performance and reliability is second to none.

The Ultimate Detox cleansing drink was independently tested by The Face magazine and proven 100% effective

Ultimate Detox - Detox Information on How To Pass A Drug Test

Do you want to know how to pass a drug test or prevent the detection of certain substances in your urine? Are you uncertain whether you will pass an upcoming test or are you just looking for drug testing information and advice?

At Ultimate Detox we have compiled everything you need to know about drug testing including: how to pass a drug test, detection times for drugs, substances causing false positives and drug testing methods. As well as our drug testing database, we also have a Virtual Drug Test - a quick and easy way to gauge how likely you are to pass an upcoming test.

We also produce and supply the very best cleansing solution available today - the Ultimate Detox cleansing drink. This is not to be confused with the numerous cheap and inferior imitations out there either. Our product comes with a Genuine Money Back Guarantee.

But don't take our word for it - the Ultimate Detox cleansing drink has been:

  • Independently tested by The Face magazine and proven 100% effective
  • Written about in publications such as Mixmag and The Guardian
  • Most recently it was featured on Radio Five Live

If you want a product with a proven track record - this is it.

Our site offers secure on-line ordering of our innovative cleansing solutions and drug testing kits with quick and reliable shipping worldwide. We do all this with the utmost respect for your privacy. Orders may also be placed by telephone, mail or we have a number of retailers in the UK.

If you have any questions about our products, or would like some advice about drug testing or how to pass a drug test, please feel free to contact us privately.

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