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Ultimate Detox has provided thousands of satisfied customers with the very best in innovative cleansing solutions. We constantly strive to provide products whose performance and reliability is second to none.

The Ultimate Detox cleansing drink was independently tested by The Face magazine and proven 100% effective

Cleansing Drinks

The Ultimate Detox cleansing drink is the result of extensive research and development, and represents the most powerful and effective cleansing product on the market today. Furthermore, unlike many other detox products, our cleansing drink is the latest generation LIQUID detox which means no powders, no mixing and no hassle. And because it is formulated with ingredients that occur naturally in the diet, it cannot be tested for and is therefore undetectable.

The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Drink - £30 each
Simply drink it before your deadline and its advanced formulation removes unwanted substances from the urine. Its effectiveness and convenience are unsurpassed in the industry today.
  • Proven 100% success rate (test results)
  • Ready to drink; no mixing required
  • Works in 1 hour, remains effective for up to 5 hours*
  • Does not discriminate against substances; works for all toxins
  • Safe and undetectable
  • Easy to use, simple instructions
  • Highest quality natural ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Easy peel-off label
  • Genuine Money Back Guarantee

*even if sample analysed at later date

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Price: each
Need more than three bottles? Please contact us for prices and shipping.

Special Note

For those persons weighing over 100kg (approx. 15 stone/220lbs) or having very high toxin levels, we recommend using one and a half cleansing drinks instead of the usual one. Larger body mass and higher toxin levels require more detoxification and this can only be achieved by increasing the quantity of detox consumed.

Follow the instructions on the bottle but increase the amount of water by 50% i.e. drink 750ml (instead of 500ml) of water one hour before drinking the cleansing drink and a further 750ml (instead of 500ml) of water after drinking the cleansing drink.

Do not use more than one and a half cleansing drinks, as the formulation and dosage are very precise, and doing so may actually be counter-productive.


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